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2020 Bitcoin Cash Protocol Development Fundraiser

5 Billion Daily Users — or BUST

Bitcoin ABC develops, maintains and secures the most essential Bitcoin Cash infrastructure, our full node software which is used to mine almost every Bitcoin Cash block.

Currently, 90% of Bitcoin ABC developer time is absorbed with keeping Bitcoin Cash secure, running and updated. We must dedicate most of our minimal resources to “running in place” as we ensure the Bitcoin Cash network transcends scaling bottlenecks and remains up to date with the fast-moving Internet.

Progress on new Bitcoin Cash scaling features barely registers in our workload at this time. The Bitcoin Cash roadmap requires major changes to the codebase. These changes will require ongoing maintenance responsibilities much greater than those we have now.

The good news is that the work Bitcoin ABC has completed so far — on backports, cleaning up technical debt, implementing automated testing infrastructure and more — has us well-positioned now to make rapid progress on new features and significant improvements to the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Securing adequate sustained funding will enable us to assume these obligations.

Bitcoin Cash must scale to meet the daily payments demands of billions of users. We must realize the vision of censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for the world.

We need your support to scale Bitcoin Cash. We can only do this together.

Will you join us?

Get up to Speed

Click here to read and comment on the Bitcoin ABC business plan. Or click on any of the articles below to read them. 对于中文版本,请访问

Bitcoin ABC 2020 Funding Goal

USD$3.3 million or ~14,500 BCH

Deadline: 15 May 2020

  • Progress 55.10% 55.10%

Your Funding Options

By popular demand, Bitcoin ABC offers you multiple ways to fund Bitcoin ABC’s Bitcoin Cash protocol development work.

  1. Use Perks to make a recurring donation. Get your image and a link back on the homepage.
  2. Use Buckets to signal your support for specific projects. Keep in mind that the order of development is dictated by technical needs and resource availability. Some things are best done before others to save time and money, and avoid unexpected problems.
  3. For Corporate Sponsorships, such as miners and other major Bitcoin Cash businesses, please schedule a presentation of the Bitcoin ABC business plan with us via email at [email protected].
  4. Use Flipstarter to pledge your support in the anyone-can-pay transaction / assurance contract the Flipstarter developers are running for Bitcoin ABC.
NOTE: Funds sent are considered a donation to be used at the sole discretion of Bitcoin ABC.

1. Buy a Perk: Your Logo on

Support Bitcoin Cash protocol development and we will publish your project logo or individual photo with a link back on until 30 Apr 2021, subject to an approval process. Bitcoin Cash miners and businesses please see option 3 below.

Project Sponsorship

Get your project or small business logo on the front page of with a link back. Great for building buzz, connecting with new collaborators and gaining new clients in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

USD$1,000 per year

Individual Sponsorship

Get your individual photo or avatar on the front page of with a link back. Great for growing your reputation in the space, getting Twitter followers and connecting with new business opportunities.

USD$500 per year

2. Donate via Funding Buckets

Signal your support for specific development projects. See the business plan below for full details on these projects. NOTE: The order of development is dictated by technical needs and resource availability. Some things are best done before others to save time and money, and avoid unexpected problems.

Mempool Overhaul

This includes high-priority non-consensus improvements, primarily re-working the mempool code paths. This is a large project that will provide multiple basic improvements to Bitcoin Cash, including improving the unconfirmed chain transaction limit and better scalability.

Goal: 2,000 BCH



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  • Progress 0.3710% 0.3710%

Take Code Ownership

In order to realize the Bitcoin Cash vision, Bitcoin Cash needs to chart its own path and establish its own technical leadership. We must break from the anti-scaling technical decisions of Bitcoin Core. Lack of adequate and sustained funding for Bitcoin ABC is a blocking issue on this front.

Goal: 5,000 BCH



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  • Progress 0.1934% 0.1934%


Bitcoin ABC is building the Avalanche pre-consensus system on Bitcoin Cash to enable new use cases, strengthen existing ones and provide a world-class cryptocurrency user experience (UX) in order to enable BCH to onboard hundreds of millions of daily active users.

Goal: 2,500 BCH



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  • Progress 2.6451% 2.6451%

General Scaling Fund

As always, you can make a simple donation to support Bitcoin ABC.

Limited by fiat? Be a part of the Bitcoin Cash evolution for global liberty and prosperity. Buy BCH with your legacy money from exchanges such as CoinEx, Coinbase, Kraken, Uphold or many others, peer-to-peer via, or in-person at a local ATM. Exchange BTC for BCH at Cryptophyl or any cryptocurrency for BCH via or NOTE: We do not guarantee your results with these services, which are independent from and unrelated to Bitcoin ABC.

With the financial crisis looming, the importance of digital cash will become more critical than ever before. Bitcoin Cash has the best chance to make this a reality, and the window of opportunity is now.

However, Bitcoin Cash’s infrastructure has been underfunded, which has led to brain drain and long standing issues left unaddressed. If the situation doesn’t change, then Bitcoin Cash might see a once-in-a-decade opportunity pass by without seizing it.

Bitcoin ABC has been powering Bitcoin Cash’s infrastructure since its inception. But like Æsop’s hare, Bitcoin Cash might find its favorite position as digital cash contested by a competitor which already started running. This is why I’m asking you today to help us have the resources we need to start running today and continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Amaury Séchet

Lead Developer, Bitcoin ABC

3. Purchase a Corporate Sponsorship

If you represent a Bitcoin Cash miner or other Bitcoin Cash business, please schedule a personalized presentation of the Bitcoin ABC business plan with us via email at [email protected]. Let’s talk about how we can grow together.

4. Donate via Flipstarter

Donate to Bitcoin ABC using the Flipstarter “fair-funding” tool with an anyone-can-pay transaction / assurance contract, thanks to the developers at Keep in mind that your Flipstarter pledge only becomes effective if we reach our specific Flipstarter goal amount of 1,000 BCH. EXPIRED.

The Bitcoin ABC 2020 Business Plan

Bitcoin ABC develops and maintains the free and open-source full node Bitcoin Cash software that forked Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin Core and has mined, and continues to mine, almost all Bitcoin Cash blocks, ever. Bitcoin ABC has played a key, founding role in creating and maintaining billions of dollars in value for Bitcoin Cash businesses and users.

Our goal is to build a solid, trustworthy platform that you can build profitable Bitcoin Cash businesses on top of. We are enabling Bitcoin Cash miners, in particular, to achieve greater efficiency, and therefore greater profits.

Open-source software is notoriously hard to monetize, but Bitcoin ABC has a strong funding plan that offers Bitcoin Cash miners, exchanges and other businesses the opportunity to sponsor Bitcoin ABC infrastructure development and get concrete benefits in return.

Bitcoin ABC is a cost center. The profits from our software engineering work are captured by Bitcoin Cash miners and other businesses. Therefore, we require ongoing, annual funding to continue operating. This is required to assure the future of Bitcoin Cash and the Bitcoin Cash vision.

We seek your feedback and participation in our sponsorship plan. We stand ready to hear your needs and see how Bitcoin ABC can help you achieve your goals.

Join us in building censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for the world and realizing the vision that is Bitcoin Cash!

Download & Comment

Click here to download the PDF business plan or here to open the business plan Google Doc, and give us your feedback.

We are excited to embark on the Bitcoin ABC 2020 Funding Campaign, and go all out to secure stable infrastructure funding for Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin ABC project has been dedicated to building Bitcoin Cash since its creation. We want to build BCH into an unstoppable force that bests the competition, and achieves the goal of being a civilization-changing technology.

We seek the funding required to build the world-class team we need to achieve this lofty ambition. Our goal is to create sound money that is usable by everyone in the world.

Please join us in making this goal a reality.

Antony Zegers

Bitcoin ABC


Bitcoin ABC is leading the way in our common goal to scale Bitcoin Cash for billions of daily users. Show your support. Tell us why Bitcoin ABC matters to you. Send your testimonial to [email protected].

Bitcoin Cash owes its existence to Amaury Séchet and Bitcoin ABC. They’ve helped shepherd BCH through the ups and downs and have demonstrated the strong commitment and the technical capability needed to take Bitcoin Cash to the masses.

Chris Pacia

Developer, BCHD & OpenBazaar

I‘ve personally worked with the Bitcoin ABC team and they‘ve displayed professionalism that is seldom to be found in the crypto world.

For UG, it‘s paramount that the Bitcoin Cash roadmap will continue to be developed to enable Bitcoin Cash to become as reliable as cash. The goal of UG is to enable non-tech-savvy users to use crypto in their daily lives without any issues like long latencies, denial of service or loss of funds, and for that, the base layer—Bitcoin Cash—has to be of enterprise-level quality.

Bitcoin ABC has proven to be a team capable of delivering software that‘s fulfilling these enterprise-level standards. That‘s why I think Bitcoin ABC is pivotal for the success of UG and Bitcoin Cash.

Tobias Ruck


Bitcoin ABC has produced consistent work despite continual obstacles. That’s why it’s the target implementation for the full stack framework at It is reliable software for consumer applications, trusted by miners, and it has withstood the test of time.

Chris Troutner

Founder, Permissionless Software Foundation

It’s undeniable that Bitcoin ABC and Amaury Séchet are instrumental to the continued success of Bitcoin Cash.

In addition to creating Bitcoin Cash in the first place, keeping the peer-to-peer electronic cash dream alive while under attack, their track record has proven they can successfully execute where others have failed.

Hayden Otto


As an investor of BCH and someone who believes in the idea of peer to peer electronic cash, my fervent desire is to see what the Bitcoin ABC team can do with proper funding for a change.

No matter what you think of the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, or their handling of the IFP, one thing that’s hard to deny is that Bitcoin ABC has succeeded where others have failed. Despite an aggressive upgrade schedule, and all the negative PR that has faced BCH since its inception, the network’s up-time has been remarkable.

I plan on donating to Bitcoin ABC.


BCH Enthusiast

Thanks to Our Supporters

Bitcoin ABC relies on sponsorships to fund all its work, including devops, maintenance, backports, development, release management, technical support and more. Become a sponsor today.

Speak Up

Proclaim your support for Bitcoin ABC on social media using hashtag #BitcoinABC2020. Send your posts to [email protected] and we may feature them. Post at,,, upload a video to YouTube or tweet your support:

Thank You!

The Bitcoin ABC team thanks you for your ongoing support and contributions. Together, we are growing Bitcoin Cash so it can serve the entire world, billions of daily users, as censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash.

Questions? Feedback? Email [email protected].

Amaury Séchet

Antony Zegers

Jason B. Cox

… and the rest of the Bitcoin ABC team.

Press Kit

Download the press release in English, Simplified Chinese (媒体通稿), Spanish or Portuguese. Further translations welcome.

Here are some images you can use when creating media about Bitcoin ABC and the Bitcoin ABC 2020 Bitcoin Cash Protocol Development Fundraiser. Find more BCH logos at Need something more? Email [email protected]

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